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企業理念 わが社は常に新しい市場の創造に取り組み、

Companies involved in the machinery industry must be able to adapt to constantly changing market needs. In addition to

providing solutions, it is necessary to deal with the changing environment from a global perspective. Ueno Corporation was the

first company in the industry to develop a multi-network to meet changing needs.
Over the past 70 years, since the incorporation of the firm in 1947, we have striven to assist our customers in their corporate

activities. We have played a role in enabling manufacturing companies to expand into the Southeast Asian market. We have set

up local subsidiaries in Singapore, Vietnam,Thailand and Indonesia. For both the Japanese market and overseas markets, we have

developed a system to maintain a stable supply of cutting edge, high-quality and high-performance machinery and tools, and at

the same time, ensure that supplies are delivered speedily.
By grasping user needs accurately, we have developed a market-oriented approach to

providing our customers with products and services. This derives from our aim to help the Japanese industry. A common goal

of companies is to move forward to meet future needs. It is our aim to provide our customers, with value-added machinery and

services to help them meet their present and future needs.


President and Representative Director

Masataka Ueno


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